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Rent a Macbook as a student.

Renting a Macbook is available to everyone.

Macbook voor StudentMacbook voor Student

Competitive price

We are able to rent you a Macbook starting at € 40,-per month. We try to keep our prices low so that renting a Macbook is accessible to everyone.

Macbook requirements

We are familiar with most of the Macbook requirements of colleges and universities and can therefore easily make an appropriate offer. Do you want to change the model you are renting? Then you can easily upgrade or downgrade.


The quality of Macbooks ensures that you can work and study undisturbed throughout the day. And the long lifespan of the batteries has the advantage that you can stay on your study spot without an adapter.


Even if you travel within the Netherlands or go abroad, the Macbook will just go with you. We won’t make a big deal out of it.

13″ Macbooks for students

It’s ideal for students to take a small Macbook with them. These 13 inch Macbooks are ideal to take with you to college. But also using your Macbook in the train or bus will happen a lot when renting this Macbook. Particularly for students we have selected these three Macbooks.

Rent a Macbook for students

Also rent a Macbook for students and enjoy the many benefits. Fill in the action code and get the first month of rent for free. Thanks to its many advantages, it is now very interesting for students to rent a Macbook. There are many advantages, such as taking a Macbook in the train or bus is ideal. But you can also take your Macbook with you. The 13″ Macbook is light-weight and the battery life is very long. This way you can use it the whole day without recharging.

Want to learn more about hiring a Macbook for students? Please contact us.

MacBook Student Rent