A refurbished Macbook.

What are the advantages of renting a refurbished Macbook?



The quality of a refurbished Macbook is not inferior to a new model. This is due to the high quality and finish of Apple products. A Macbook can keep up its performance for many years and with the right protection it can last for years.


Because a new Macbook generally has a high purchase price, we choose for refurbished Macbooks. This way we can keep the rental prices low and make renting a Macbook available for everyone.


The performance of a refurbished Macbook is comparable to the latest models. Therefore most recent software still performs very well on a refurbished Macbook.


The average rental period of a refurbished Macbook is about 9 to 12 months. After that, it is again completely checked, cleaned and, if in good condition, offered again. This means they can last for years.

Rent a refurbished Macbook as a Student

Also as a student it is possible to rent a refurbished Macbook. For students who want to rent a Macbook for half a year or a year, a refurbished Macbook is ideal. The big advantage of a refurbished Macbook compared to a new one is that it is much lower in purchasing value. This allows us to keep the rent low, ideal for students.

refurbished macbook

More information about a refurbished Macbook?

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