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Macbook & Software

Macbook + Software = the ideal combination for developers and designers. Every person who wants to use his Macbook professionally needs Office 2019. Do you want more with your Macbook? For example, edit videos professionally with Final Cut Pro X? Then that is certainly possible!

Advantages of the software at RentYourMac

  • Quick service
  • Cheap
  • Pre-installed
  • Good guarantee
  • Available on every Macbook
  • Delivery throughout the Netherlands
  • Business and student
Macbook Software

MS Office 2019

With the new MS Office 2019 you can quickly write all your texts and assemble powerpoint presentatis. You can also clearly map all financial calculations with Excel. Outlook is the fourth program in the MS Office package, with which you can mail everyone. Ideal for a company to take this MS Office package when renting a Macbook.


  • Word 2019
  • Excel 2019
  • PowerPoint 2019
  • Outlook 2019

MS Office 2019 costs

For just € 10 extra per month you can rent MS Office 2019 with the Macbook. Ideal and cheap for students!

microsoft office 2019

Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X is the perfect music program for the Macbook. Especially for beginners it is ideal to work with. The user-friendliness is at its best and that is why many people are enthusiastic about it. Because of the good reviews, one of the reasons why we offer the program here is cheap, when you want to rent a Macbook from us.

Logic Pro X benefits:

  • Logic Pro X focuses on the beginner-friendly
  • The program is cheap
  • Logic Pro X is every songwriter’s dream

Logic Pro X costs

The costs of Logic Pro X are € 25 per month including VAT.

Final Cut Pro X

You really need the movie editing program Final Cut Pro X if you want to edit movies on the Macbook. This program has a high user-friendliness and with that it is certainly one of the best programs that a Macbook will ever have.

Benefits of Final Cut Pro X:

  • Good video editing
  • Many tools present
  • Strong motion graphics
  • Add audio sound effects

Final Cut Pro X costs

For an amount of only € 40 per month including VAT, you can already get the Final Cut Pro X program on your Macbook. The moment you want to rent the Macbook, you can add the program and it will automatically appear on the invoice.

Final Cut Pro X