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Lease a Macbook.

Why should I lease a Macbook?

Macbook LeasenMacbook Leasen


Leasing a Macbook has the advantage of being able to have a Macbook without purchasing it. For this reason, you don’t have to worry about the high purchase value of a Macbook and you can focus on your doing your job. Read here how it works.


With us you can rent a Macbook at any time and return it. The minimum rental period at RentYourMac is 1 month. It is possible to easily change your model at any time.


A Macbook lease with us is completely transparent and all conditions are on our site. The choice of software and support ensures that you can work without worries at all times.


Want to experiment with a new model? Or you don’t like your current Macbook? You can always contact us for a different model. If the model is not on our website, we will start a search for it.

Which Macbooks can you lease?

Various Macbook models can be leased. Below you can see an example of three high-quality models. Also for business purposes it is very interesting to lease one of these three Macbooks.

Lease a Macbook as entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, you always want to have the right equipment. Your company should not suffer from bad products. That’s why it’s very attractive to lease a Macbook with us. We always have the latest Macbooks and these are always up to date. In addition, you will always receive support for hardware and software and we have appropriate warranty.

Particularly for business purposes, it can be very interesting to lease a Macbook. It will give you a proper forecast of you costs and also tax wise there are benefits to take advantage from. We always recommend leasing a Macbook as an entrepreneur.

Questions about leasing a Macbook?

If you have more questions about leasing a Macbook, please contact us by filling out the contact form.

Lease a Macbook
Apple lease

Apple lease

Like many products, it’s possible to lease Apple products. RentYourMac offers you the possibility of ‘Apple lease’, so leasing an Apple Macbook. Big advantage is compared to other companies, is that we offer Refurbished Macbooks, with a far lower leasing price.

Advantages of leasing an Apple Macbook:

  • Low lease price
  • Very fast Macbook
  • Full service
  • Great conditions
  • Hard cover to protect your MacBook

Questions on leasing a Macbook?

Als u meer vragen heeft over het leasen van een Macbook, neem dan contact op door het contactformulier in te vullen, of gebruik de chat!