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Rent a Macbook for € 40,- per month

Lease a refurbished Macbook

Flexible | Can be canceled monthly | Transparent | Support anytime, anywhere

Rent a Macbook. How does it work.

1. Choose a Macbook

Choose a Macbook that fits your needs.

Do you have a question or need assistance? Contact us via chat, WhatsApp or mail.

2. Configure your Macbook

Which software would you like to have installed on your Macbook?

And if you pay per 3 months or per year, you will get a 10% discount.

3. Pickup or delivery

After your order has been made, we will prepare the Macbook for you a. Also we will contact you as soon as possible to schedule a pickup or delivery to your address.

4. During rent

When you rent a Macbook you can make use of our support if needed. This is both for hardware and software situations.

Makes sense right?

Rent a Macbook at RentYourMac

As a Macbook user you always want to have the best of both hardware and software. We will not only offer a solution that will do this, but also help you to be always online with our software and support. The quality and rental prices of our refurbished Macbooks ensures that you have an all in one solution that will help you as a student or business to do your work.

When you rent a Macbook, we will make sure your Macbook is personalised and completely up-to-date. Also we will give you support when you have questions regarding hard- or software.

Want to rent a Macbook? Find our models below, read how it works, or what others say about us.

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