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Run macOS in the Cloud

Can I run macOS in the Cloud?



The possibility to run macOS in the Cloud gives you a wide variety of possibilities. Not only is it very easy to run your favourite macOS applications in the Cloud, you can also use Xcode to develop new ones.To run macOS in the Cloud, we use the latest macOS version on every Mac. If you want to upgrade or downgrade, you can easily to this with the admin rights you have. Find our dedicated Mac mini late 2014 and a dedicated Mac mini M1 2020 solutions.

Mac mini M2

Virtual Mac

Your personal Mac

When you run macOS in the Cloud, it gives you the opportunity to completely personalise your virtual Mac environment, with your own apps and developer software. Also when you use a windows laptop yourself, it is still quite easy to access a macOS in the Cloud by using one of our Mac mini’s in the Cloud.


Full admin rights

After renting a Mac mini Late 2014 or Mac mini M1 2020 in the Cloud, you will have the possibility to install all the software you would like (as long as it’s legal) with full admin rights.


Various customers use software like Xcode, Jenkins, BuildKite, GitLab CI, GitHub Actions, TeamCity to develop their own applications.

Multiple users

macOS user management

With the various Mac mini solutions, you will also have the opportunity to run multiple user environments on one Mac in the Cloud. This makes it possible to share one dedicate Mac Cloud with various users and work simultaneously.

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