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Rent a Mac in the Cloud

MacCloud July 15, 2021 0 comments

As an iOS or macOS developer it is important to always have access to a Mac in the Cloud. If you want to rent a Mac in the cloud, you can now do this very easily at cloudmac. We have various solutions available for anyone in the market starting to experiment with macOS in the cloud.

When we started at RentYourMac, we noticed that our customers need a solution that enables them to easily and quickly access a Mac remotely. Next to MacBooks, we started renting out MacBooks to private individuals, companies, and corporates. A Mac in the cloud was not widely available in the market, so we started with Mac mini’s. Our customers use these machines for iOS and macOS app development. With the latest Mac mini M1 8GB or 16GB, customers can now also make use of the latest macOS architecture.

So to rent a Mac in the cloud, with it is possible to quickly order and have instant access to a Mac mini or Mac Pro in the cloud. We always would like to know what our customers are doing with their Macs. So if you want to share how you use your Mac mini in the cloud, let us know by mail or instagram.