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Remote access to a virtual Mac in the Cloud

MacCloud February 4, 2021 0 comments

The next step in Mac Servers in a Cloud environment.

As CloudMac we are constantly looking for new solutions and ways to update our Mac Pro and Mac mini product portfolio. A remote access to and online Mac Cloud server brings many advantages, compared to traditional ways of working on macOS.

One of these advantages is the access to more memory and GPU power. This is available on our Mac Pro late 2013 model and the newest Mac mini M1 processors from Apple can be found on the Mac mini M1 2020 models we recently have available.


Remote Mac

Remote access to a macOS environment all over the world


Mac Cloud

Mac mini or Mac Pro, Dedicated or Shared, we offer it all


Complete Mac

All our products come with a collection of software and 24/7 support

Our mission is to deliver complete solutions with state-of-the-art Apple hardware and software all over the world. Hereby we take the hassle away from customers to buy very expensive Mac hardware themselves and start with Mac as a Service.

Virtual Mac in the Cloud? Find our Mac servers here

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