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Prices of a Mac in Cloud

Why should you rent a Cloud Mac?

Mac in Cloud

Low prices

We believe in affordable solutions to rent a Mac in the Cloud. We therefore offer the lowest prices in the market for Mac mini’s and Mac studio’s that can be rented in the Cloud. Our cheapest Mac mini late 2014 starts at € 49,- per month. The most popular models like the Mac mini M1 Cloud and Mac mini M2 Cloud start at only € 79,- per month.

Mac mini Cloud

Mac mini M2 Pro

The Mac in cloud solution we offer at this moment include various machines like the Mac mini M1 and the Mac mini M2.

Mac mini M2 Pro

For developers that have higher demands, we now also offer the Mac mini M2 Pro in the Cloud. This machine is even more powerful and starts at just € 149,- per month.

Mac Studio cloud

Mac Studio M2

Next to our regular Mac mini products, we also offer high-end Mac Studio products. The flagship of our collection is the Mac Studio M2, with 512GB SSD, and 32GB RAM. This machine is perfect for the most high-demanding tasks required by developers and development agencies, making use of Xcode or Microsoft Visual Studio.

Mac mini remote access

Access details Mac Cloud

After you have placed an order on our website, you will get instant access to one of our Mac in the cloud servers. This is a dedicated machine to which you initially can connect to via VNC. After this initial session, also other RDP can be used or installed.

Fixed IP

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