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New features on your Mac in the cloud

MacCloud May 23, 2023 0 comments

In the last couple of weeks we have added new features to our Mac mini’s in the cloud. This includes additional storage and a static IP address. Both features have been introduced and can be rented with every Mac mini or Mac Studio. Also it’s quit easy to add them to an existing subscription.

2 Additional features on your Mac

New features on your Mac starts with additional storage for your Mac in the Cloud. Now there is the possibility to add 1TB of extra storage to your Mac mini M1, Mac mini M2 and your Mac Studio. You can do this up to a maximum of 8TB per Mac server.

Additionally it is also possible to request for a static IP address. This address enables everyone renting a Mac mini or Mac Studio with us, to directly connect with the machine. This simplifies the use of SSH and VNC for example, but also helps for other applications where someone needs a direct and static IP address.


In the future we will keep listening to our customers to see which other functionalities and services we can add to our Macs in the cloud. These additions make a macincloud proposition even more attractive than it already is.

When you would to experiment with rent a Mac in the cloud, it is wise to start your journey online and compare the various Mac cloud solutions available worldwide.

When we started at RentYourMac, we noticed that our customers need a cheap cloud Mac server that enables them to easily and quickly access a remote Mac. Next to MacBooks, we started renting out MacBooks to private individuals, companies, and corporates. To run macOS in the cloud was not widely available in the market, so we started with this. Our customers use these machines for iOS and macOS app development. They are able to create the most beautiful webpages and apps with our Mac Cloud machines.