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MacCloud July 10, 2021 0 comments

We have been working with developers and engineers to develop a solid Mac in the Cloud solution. We started with a platform called maccloud, which can know as CloudMac. Therefore we truly believe that Macs should be available for everyone, all around the world. Next to RentYourMac, we want to server the world with various Mac mini in the Cloud and Mac Pro in the cloud.

With our engineers and developers as customers we have various Macs in the cloud to offer. The most popular product at this moment is the Mac mini 8GB M1 with the latest macOS architecture. All of our products we offer in the Cloud can be easily accessed via various Remote Desktop protocols. Many of our clients make the remark that they would like to try one of our Mac mini late 2014 or Mac mini M1 with a trial. We are right now trying to see if we can offer such a service.

If you want to rent a Mac in the cloud, the solutions are vary diverse. We work together with various of those parties to continuously improve our products. Therefore we have competitive prices for our Mac mini cloud or Mac Pro cloud solutions. With maccloud products it is possible to develop your iOS apps or Xcode macOS applications for your customers. This eliminates the costs of investing in your Mac hardware from Apple. It also fits in our purpose of being a sustainable Mac Cloud provider.

Find all our products at: Cloudmac