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M2 Mac mini

MacCloud February 11, 2023 0 comments

Last month Apple released the new Mac mini M2. This successor of the M1 chip, gives enormous performance for an affordable price. We have therefore invested in these new Macs with M2 processor and brought them in the cloud. 

Anybody can now chose from a wide collection of possible Mac mini configurations; both the M1 Mac mini and the M2 Mac mini are now available for rent on a monthly basis. This includes full flexibility regarding renting period and gives you instant access to a Mac anywhere in the world. 

Because we want to offer a competitive price on every Mac for every customer, we have lowered our prices for the Mac mini M1 Mac in Cloud solutions.

Particularly for developers it is now very easy to develop iOS apps and perform Xcode programming. Most of users want to have instant access to a Mac environment and appreciate to have worldwide access to a Mac in the cloud. 

When you would like to rent a Cloud Mac at MacCloud, it is important to compare the various options of Mac mini’s and Mac Pro’s we have available. If you want to start with a cheaper machine, we have the Mac mini late 2014 available.

The Mac mini’s we offer in the Cloud, are all dedicated machines. This means you can install all software you would like and can also update this whenever you want. This macOS environment in the Cloud, gives you therefore full access and control of a remote macOS server. For Xcode development or iOS development on a Mac, this is a very suitable and flexible solution for a lot of our customers. These are the products that we started with in the beginning of RentYourMac.