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CloudMac and Mac in the Cloud

After interviewing various developers that use a Mac in the cloud at cloudmac, that showed us how they use the M1 Mac Cloud and Mac Pro Cloud. The great advantages of developing apps on macOS Xcode software, is the flexibility that apple and iOS developers have. Our Mac cloud servers all offer this flexibility and make it simpel for any users to remotely access a M1 Mac mini, Mac mini 2014 or Mac Pro late 2013 at our cloudmac platform.

To celebrate all of this, we have temporarily lowered our prices on the Mac Pro late 2013 and M1 Mac mini!


Mac in the Cloud

Remote access to a macOS environment all over the world


Cloud Mac

Mac mini or Mac Pro, Dedicated or Shared, we offer it all


M1 Mac Cloud

All our Mac Products have instant access, worldwide

Our mission is to deliver complete cloud mac solutions with state-of-the-art Apple hardware and software all over the world. Hereby we take the hassle away from customers to buy very expensive Mac hardware themselves and start with Mac in the Cloud.

Access to our Mac Cloud? Find our Mac servers here

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