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Mac in Cloud for developers

MacCloud September 5, 2021 0 comments

Our Mac in Cloud solutions are widely available and mostly used by developers for iOS and Xcode development. Mac cloud solutions can be found everywhere in the world by various parties. At MacCloud our ultimate goal is to offer a competitive product for all users in the market. Therefore we follow the developments of Apple in the market, to develop new processors based on the M1 and M1X architecture.

We started half a year ago with only the Mac mini Late 2014 model. In May this year we added the Mac mini M1 and the Mac Pro Late 2013 as a shared environment. starting from September of October we will add the new Mac mini M1X to our portfolio, next to the Mac mini M1. We will offer our customers more flexibility, unlimited GPU power and all the software that is needed for Xcode development.

Next to the Mac mini models, we also keep a close watch at the new Mac Pro to be released in 2022. This model is lower priced and can therefore be accessed by a broader public. Our ambition at MacCloud is to offer this product in our portfolio. Mac in Cloud for developers is in this way accessible to everybody, worldwide.

Even though MacCloud does not exist for a long time, we do have a lot of experience in RentYourMac.