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Mac in Cloud for developers

MacCloud August 5, 2021 0 comments

Our Mac in cloud for developers are used all over the world by our customers. Particularly for developers it’s very useful to use MacCloud solutions. We as CloudMac bring the flexibility, instant access and latest technology to them and give cheap access to a Mac server.  

For Xcode development it’s important to have the latest Mac mini in the Cloud products with remote access. The M1 Mac Cloud is one of our popular products and is being used by various business and consumers all over the world. They use the Mac servers to develop iOS and Xcode apps and to publish them in the App Store.

We take the next step to invest in the new M1X processors that Apple develops. This new architecture will bring even more power and capacity to our Mac cloud. Also the Mac Pro tower will be renewed and will feature the new M1 architecture. This will be the latest edition to our Mac Pro cloud servers. We are continuously looking for new Macs that Apple developers can use, and that the public will see later in the year. As soon as the next Mac mini is presented, we will have it in our portfolio right away.

Do you want to know more about us and our Mac in cloud for developers products? Have a look at our M1 Mac cloud products or contact us directly. We will help you out with a suitable solution.