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M1 Mac mini

MacCloud December 3, 2021 0 comments

With the upcoming new Mac mini’s with M1X chip, it is now more than ever profitable to rent a M1 Mac mini in the cloud with us. With the latest Mac mini M1 8GB or 16GB, you can also make use of the latest and best macOS solutions in the cloud. When you want to rent a Mac in the cloud, it is wise to compare the various Macs that are available in the cloud, also at other competitors.

Particularly for developers it is now very easy to develop iOS apps and perform Xcode programming. Most of users want to have instant access to a Mac environment and appreciate to have worldwide access to a Mac in the cloud. 

With the latest generation of gamers, game development also has become more complex. A Mac mini in the cloud offers the perfect solution to develop games. A Mac mini is easy and friendly to use, and makes app development a piece of cake.

When you would like to rent a Mac Cloud at CloudMac, it is important to compare the various options of Mac mini’s and Mac Pro’s we have available. If you want to start with a cheaper machine, we have the Mac mini late 2014 available.