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M1 Mac mini 8GB and 16GB Cloud Macs

MacCloud October 11, 2021 0 comments

In the last month we were able to buy various M1 Mac mini models from Apple that will be used for our M1 Mac mini in Cloud product. These machines are based on the newest architecture and therefore very suitable for the developments iOS and Xcode apps. If you want to start cheap and easy with a mac in the Cloud solution, you can choose for the Mac Pro late 2013. If you want full control and full access, it’s better to chose a dedicated Mac server, like the Mac mini late 2014 or Mac mini M1 in the Cloud. 

Due to the amount of Mac mini’s that we daily buy, we are able to deliver these machines for a lower price. Our customers are very happy with our quick customer response, loyalty program and instant access to a Mac Cloud. We also want to give something back to these loyal customers. Therefore we have lowered our prices for the Mac mini M1 Mac in Cloud solutions.

Our Mac Cloud solutions

Our current portfolio of cloud Macs contains the Mac Pro as a shared and managed Mac environment. This means that software has been preinstalled and can only be updated by us as MacCloud. You also can’t install software yourself, but have to make a request with us. Furthermore this is a very cheap Mac cloud solution to start with. For example to get to know a macOS environment. 

The Mac mini’s we offer in the Cloud, are all dedicated machines. This means you can install all software you would like and can also update this whenever you want. This macOS environment in the Cloud, gives you therefore full access and control of a remote macOS server. For Xcode development or iOS development on a Mac, this is a very suitable and flexible solution for a lot of our customers. These are the products that we started with in the beginning of RentYourMac.