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Fixed IP addresses and new Macs

MacCloud November 7, 2023 0 comments

We have recently introduced fixed IP addresses and new Macs have been introduced. In the last couple of months we have been working very hard to improve our product portfolio and services. Next to a fixed IP address, we have also introduced the new Mac Studio M2 Max. We offer all new customer 50% discount for the first month of a Mac in the Cloud. We will highlight these developments below. 

Fixed IP

First of all a Fixed IP Fixed IP addresses and new Macs. This is an option that many of our customers have requested. We are now able to deliver this to all new and existing customers. Together with our datacenter partner we have found a cost effective way to offer this. The fixed IP or static IP is available on every Mac mini M1, Mac mini M2, and Mac Studio models. For the cloud Mac mini’s this a paid option to choose from, and for the Mac studio’s this is already included in the attractive monty rental rate. 

Mac Studio M2 Max

Next to the successful Mac mini M1, Mac mini M2, and Mac Studio M1, we have now also introduced the latest Mac Studio M2 Max. We already offer this Mac in the Cloud for no more than € 199,- per month, thereby being the cheapest in the market. This cloud Mac is so powerful that it can easily be used by multiple users at the same if needed. Also for video rendering this Mac cloud product is perfect for all the needs of every developer and videographer.

50% discount

Last but not least 50% discount. To celebrate the 10 years we are active in this market, we are offering all new customers a 50% discount for the 1st month of rental of a Mac in the cloud machine. This means that it thereby becomes very accessible for everyone all around the world to access a Mac in the cloud. By adding the code cloud50 to your shopping basket, everybody can now enjoy the advantages of a Mac cloud.

Our mac in cloud solutions

The Mac mini’s we offer in the Cloud, are all dedicated machines. This means you can install all software you would like and can also update this whenever you want. This macOS environment in the Cloud, gives you therefore full access and control of a remote macOS server. For Xcode development or iOS development on a Mac, this is a very suitable and flexible solution for a lot of our customers. These are the products that we started with in the beginning of RentYourMac.