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Cloud Macs

Why should you rent a Cloud Mac?

Mac Server


With Cloud Macs at MacCloud, we believe in affordable and accessible Mac solutions for everybody, worldwide. We therefore offer various Mac server solutions that you can rent in our Cloud. A dedicated Mac Studio M1 or M2 solution, the cheap Mac mini late 2014 and a Mac mini M1 2020.

Virtual Mac

Remote Access

A virtual Mac is a cloud solution that offers the full experience of a Mac in the Cloud, without having to own one. in this way, you can easily access our servers with macOS Xcode and other software, with your Macbook or windows laptop.


On our dedicated Mac mini’s in the cloud, you can also install all software yourself with full admin rights.

Mac mini cloud

M1 Mac mini

A Mac mini cloud delivers you high performance and maximum flexibility. It is already possible to rent a Mac mini Late 2014 for a very affordable price. also, when you want to experiment with more dedicated power, it’s also possible to rent a Mac mini M1 2020.

Mac Studio cloud

Mac Studio M2

With a Mac Studio Cloud it is possible to access a massive amount of GPU power and memory for an affordable price. Thereby, our Mac Studio M2 is a dedicated macOS environment, which you can access worldwide via VNC. It has pre-installed software, a GPU dongle and a 10 Gbps fibre connection for high-speed access.

Mac Studio

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